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While there are a number of brands out there that use nanodot technology on a matte finish to provide a rougher surface to resemble a paper like feeling, the most common one on the market would come from a company called Paperlike.

Paperlike Screen Protector for iPad

As we use a combination of Apple Notes and Microsoft OneNote for all our note-taking functions to reduce the use of paper in our office (heck we don’t even have a printer in here) and at the same time having everything digitised on the go. The only gripe we had was the slippery iPad screen got a bit annoying in terms of accuracy. Sure there are devices like Remarkable which offers e-ink, RocketBooks also work as a mix between paper and digital if you want a low-tech solution, but that’s just one extra item to lug around.

We settled on the Paperlike Screen Protector and haven’t looked back, so if you’re after something that adds just that bit of friction to help with writing on these slippery screens check it out (Buy direct Online, or I think you can get em’ on Amazon or JB even).

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