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Virtuosys was created with the purpose of doing good by the customer, rather than focusing on increasing our company profits. The name Virtuosys is a combination of the words “Virtuous” and “Systems” which is at the core of our company values, our goal is to provide a fun, professional and reliable service at a competitive rate.

Sure we are a competitive bunch, but we realise that there are a number of great local IT providers around Perth. Which is the reason why we stand by our company name and do not speak ill of our competitors, we whole heartedly believe that “competition breeds innovation” in the IT industry. We resonate with the common saying that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” methodology, and feel that this approach should be applied to both goods and services; therefore if you are happy with your current IT support services provider you should continue to use their services.

We’re committed to working with various organisations to recycle and refurbish computers, servers and other hardware in order to help people within our community. We are firm believers in education and frequently donate books and other resources to bookshops and libraries to help those interested in beginning a career in the exciting field of IT services management.

We strive to provide a variety of work experience placements for both high school students and university graduates. It is a pleasure for Virtuosys to host people that will one day surpass us, just being able to take in the creative ideas from these up-and-coming minds is invaluable. The team are always available beyond their term, encouraging them to continue with their personal development even during the tough times when they may want to quit. If you’re interested in how Virtuosys IT can help your not-for-profit or would like to be part of our work experience program, please click the contact link above.

IT with personality

We don’t just repair computers for local business. Our strength is our ability to connect, build and maintain relationships with our customers. The Virtuosys IT team is always striving to go that one step further to make a difference, places our competitors wouldn’t dare or bother to go.

Excelling in customer service

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and got into the game to provide exceptional customer service as a priority, due to the lack there of within the information technology industry. We believe there is more to IT Support and Managed Services than just clicking buttons or fixing computers.

After hours 24x7 IT support

We are available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, everyday of the year. Standing by and ready to help with after hours remote and onsite technical support should that critical disaster arise. While some say they’re on-call, we will actually pick up the phone.

Let's build your business

We treat your business like it’s our own, implementing the right mix of technology to stay competitive within your industry. We stand by our solutions and if we wouldn’t use it in our network we don’t expect you to either. Let us take care of your business systems so you can focus on growth.

People over profits

Our values are what keeps us grounded and honest, making sure that we always provide the best possible solution. We promise to always suggest the most suitable product/s based on your budget, rather than confusing you with geek speak and trying to sell you over-complicated technology.

No lock-in contracts

We hate lengthy 6, 12 or 24 month contracts. Companies sell you the dream prior to signing, then service delivery falls short, customer service is non-existent. We believe in our services that we don’t need to lock our customers in, which is why our agreements are only a monthly commitment.

our services

The team have listened to your feedback, spent countless sleepless nights consuming a diet of coke and pizza to come up with (3) easy to understand IT Service packages for your consideration.


When it’s broken and you just want it fixed, our basic service is ideal. Suited to small companies that prefer some assistance in the event that technology issues should arise. The basic option is a quick and easy, done solution. A technician will schedule a visit, quote the job, on your acceptance lodge a request/s, carry out the work and collect payment upon job completion. Taking out the guess work and avoiding the surprise of receiving an upcoming bill.


The standard plan is an invitation based plan, which is offered to clients who have graduated from using our basic service, and whose account is in good standing. This option is primarily targeted at the metro small-to-medium businesses; consisting of up-to 5 staff and/or a maximum of 15 devices. Support includes both remote (first point of action) and on-site servicing, which is conveniently added to your account along with any other charges and billed on our agreed terms.


The VIP plan is our premium package and comes with the same great advantages of the standard plan plus more. The service is a suitable cost-effective IT solution for any sized business. As the VIP plan is considered our most in demand package, clients must apply and meet the minimum requirements. Once approved you’ll receive a new level of IT services that just keeps getting better. Since this package is modular, add-ons can be purchased to meet your business needs.

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It doesn’t matter how great you think you are at your job, if no one is giving you praise; who’s going to know? Luckily we’ve got our testimonials, Google and Facebook reviews telling our story.

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