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About Us

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The name Virtuosys is a combination of “Virtuous” and “Systems”, which is at the core of our company values. Virtuosys was created with the sole purpose of doing right by the customer rather than focusing on increasing company profits. Our mission is simple “Empower staff through modern workplace technology, allowing them to achieve greater results from anywhere and anytime”. Whether a staff member is at the office, working from home or travelling, they should be equipped with the same access from various devices (Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone) without jumping through hoops to get connected. We aim to be specialists in our field that utilises a standardised set of equipment and tested solutions. We always strive to be value-driven, and when you partner with us, we treat you like a person and not just another number. Whether 5 users or 500 users, you’ll enjoy the same fantastic level of customer service that we’re renowned for.

Our belief is in building relationships with clients to understand how you work and how we can be part of your ongoing modern workplace journey. Each client is different, so we take our time to work with you to get that perfect blend of productivity and cybersecurity for your business by following a set of standards. After the heavy lifting is done, our team will assist with training, add-ons, monitoring and support services.


It’s time to leave the old behind and level up your productivity using a range of cloud-based technologies  allowing your business to be  more agile and efficient to increase your competitive advantage. We will work with you to plan a migration path that will provide a series of values to your team while improving security and introducing a range of cost savings.


From viruses to ransomware to phishing and data breaches, we’re able to help mitigate your risk and liability using a combination of software, security assessments, training, and I.T. policies. We can provide investigations and engage multiple resources to bring you back to functional in the event of a security incident.


We are here to help your business thrive. Our focus is to take you on a modern workplace journey. To secure your digital estate, provide training, customised support, and monitoring services to ensure everything runs smoothly. Additionally, we can help with licensing, consulting, or ICT strategy to complement your existing day-to-day IT operations.


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