Use modern systems to allow your team to be productive anywhere & anytime without the use of expensive and clunky legacy I.T. infrastructure.

Work Anywhere & Anytime

It’s time to leave the old behind and level up your productivity using a range of cloud-based technologies to allow your business to be more efficient and increase your competitive advantage.

We will work with you to plan a migration path that will provide a range of value to your team while improving security, data safety, and cost savings.

Data Classification

After your data has been restructured and migrated, it’s vital to consider how data gets classified. The manual or automated classification capabilities are endless and tailored to your requirements. Whether you want to mark the budget as “Classified” or that R&D Document as “TOP SECRET”, we can help you map it out.

Modern Workplace

Sick of servers taking up space, requiring maintenance and patching, or running the risk of downtime and data loss in case of theft, fire, or malware? We can devise the perfect migration solution that takes full advantage of a modern workplace’s benefits, including mobility, security, and data governance.

Microsoft 365 Audit

Many of the Microsoft 365 subscriptions we see in the wild get underutilised. Our team can provide a simplified review of your tenant, and then work with you to consolidate licenses, enhance security, switch on new features to improve your daily workflow. Then provide the necessary training services to get the most out of your Microsoft subscription.

Microsoft Teams Calling/Conferencing

There’s a variety of advantages for migrating to Microsoft Teams calling. If you’re already using Microsoft Teams as your daily communications hub, why not look at signing up for Microsoft Teams Calling & Conferencing capabilities to replace your existing phone subscription. Book a demo from one of our consultants today.

Power Platform Solutions

Now that we’ve helped with making your I.T. infrastructure more efficient. It’s time to go through your business processes and see how we can leverage the Power B.I. Apps, Automate or Virtual Agents to improve and reinvent these procedures to save time money and do away with those draining repetitive tasks.

SharePoint Architecture

Do you want to move from your existing fileserver or NAS to SharePoint but don’t know where to start? There are no one-size-fits-all, and don’t settle for a standard lift and shift; engage with our experts to create an independent file structure that makes sense to your business using a blend of industry preference and best practices.

Productivity is a Process

Do we ever really reach productive nirvana? Our team believes it’s an ongoing process that we continue to build on. The modern workplace is an ever-evolving ecosystem that continually grows and requires cultivating.

Whether it’s using OneNote to go paperless or using Bookings to end the back-forth email scheduling fatigue and beyond, the possibilities are endless.


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