Once it's implemented and locked down, we will support you to get the most out of your new, secured modern workplace.

Tailored Support

Our IT Consulting & Support services work around you, you’ll cherry pick what you need; instead of having a bunch of services forced on you. Also, we don’t do lengthy lock-in contracts, which gives you the flexibility and peace of mind that we’ll always strive to maintain our high-standards of service.

We specialise in working together with internal IT teams, lending a hand with the higher-level monitoring, management, and projects, which might easily get  pushed to the bottom of the list due to the constant day-to-day demands of IT operations support.


We can provide one-off consulting services to give you a second opinion. Maybe you’re unsure of the jargon used in a proposal or want someone to run their eyes over a project plan for some insight. Our consultancy includes implementing and reviewing your existing infrastructure to improve your business further.

I.T. Strategy & Planning

This service is consulting on steroids. We take businesses to the next level. Whether your business is an SME or an SMB in its growth phase, ongoing strategic planning can improve your overall bottom line. We perform regular consulting work on a fixed-fee arrangement to enable your business to meet strategic technology goals.

IT Support

Our IT support services are customisable across all our different plans, we assess your requirements and help you pick the support services that are most suitable to your business. Whether it’s Pre-Paid, Block-Hours or 24×7 Unlimited Support we can tailor one of our packages to suit your needs.


We partner with a range of software providers and distributors to offer competitive pricing for licensing across our various product bundles. Our bundles are value-driven and created from feedback received from our clients across a vast range of industries.

Monitoring & Management

Ever wonder why Barry from Accounting is forwarding emails from his work email to Gmail? Why are there 20 GB (gigabytes) of data downloaded from your SharePoint? These are just two of many of the events we look out for as part of our monitoring, and management reporting to further lockdown this type of activity.

Training & End-User Adoption

There is absolutely no point in adopting new technology if you’re resistive to change and continue using the old methods. Change is hard, but it’s more challenging when you don’t quite understand the possibilities. Luckily in your case, we are here to assist the team with adoption and training using the new tools to work more effectively.

Teaching People to Fish

Investing in your staff’s professional development pays dividends and enhances both output and security across your organisation. It’s impressive to see what is basic to us, is mind-blowing for the people we work with. Simple things like replacing paper notebooks with Microsoft OneNote on an iPad for meeting notes can truly empower staff and boost morale.

We have a range of training options available to meet any budget, whether you require custom training resources, structured online learning, or inperson digital learning. One or more is sure to meet your teams’ needs.

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