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australian healthcare cybersecurity

Healthcare Cybersecurity Essential Strategies for Australian Providers

In the digital healthcare landscape, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be ignored. As Australian healthcare providers increasingly rely on technology for patient care, the potential for cyber threats looms larger. The security of health data and the integrity of healthcare services are vital, making cybersecurity a major concern. This article outlines essential strategies to improve […]

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The Essential 8 Series: the fourth control user application hardening

We’re halfway through our Essential Eight series, and today we’ll discuss User Application Hardening. The ACSC emphasises that user application hardening is crucial for protecting organisations from various threats, including malicious websites, harmful scripts in advertisements, and exploitation of vulnerabilities in unsupported software. It’s about making it more challenging for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities or […]

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The Essential 8 Series: What are Microsoft macro settings?

We have now reached the third instalment of our comprehensive Essential 8 series, wherein we will discuss the crucial topic of configuring Microsoft Office macro settings. Microsoft Office applications in the public sector commonly utilise macros to automate routine tasks. Macros are popular and efficient tools for repetitive processes. However, it’s important to note that […]

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The Essential 8 Series: The second control of patch applications

Continuing our Essential 8 Series, we will address its second control, patch applications. Patch applications can be defined as “patch management is the process for identifying, acquiring, installing, and verifying patches for products and systems. Patching applications is the systematic implementation of software updates to ensure functionality and security updates/fixes are applied to applications within […]

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The Essential 8 Series: What is Application Control?

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has a guideline called Essential 8, a security framework that businesses should adhere to as a bare minimum. In today’s article, we will address its first control, application control. The ACSC defines Application Control as “A security approach designed to protect against malicious code (also known as malware) executing […]

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How can you tell who your business is doing business with?

A world-first exploit has hit cyberspace recently, being a supply chain attack to a supply chain attack (if that makes sense). The attack refers to the recent 3CX incident, discovering that its 3CX DesktopApp 18.12.416 was spreading malware believed to have been orchestrated by a nation-state actor looking to cause severe damage. Threat experts at […]

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My ex-employee is setting up shop down the road! How?

So you have been in business for a few years now and are starting to hire more people. The business you started with the hopes of eventually growing is starting to bear fruit after all the blood, sweat and tears. Now you can finally delegate some tasks to employees, contractors and vendors. While being able […]

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What’s wrong with my password?

One of the most frequent conversations we have been engaging with business people is passwords, where to store them, how to make them, and some of the associated risks of having poor ones. In this article, we will cover exactly what you can do to be more secure with passwords and what are best practices […]

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