Bogus ASIC emails hit businesses with malware

Please be diligent when opening email attachments and/or clicking links from unknown or suspicious senders claiming to be an authority.

Recently scammers have targeted local Australian businesses with malware ridden emails, posing as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. It is said that the email requests business owners update/renew their company details via a standard HTTP link, once the link is clicked the malicious code is executed in the background infecting the computer with malware. It is believed that the origin of the scam may have started in China, due to the location of the email domain registration.

The emails are said to be very convincing, due to the structure and use of government branding from ASIC. While there are a number of technical ways a business can be protected or less likely affected by the issue, one of the key defensive measures is training staff not to click on links or attachments from suspicious sources.

If you would like to discuss technical solutions to aid in the protection against malware please call Virtuosys IT on 6355-5241 or complete the contact us form with your details.

Reference (article & image source)

Jenkin, M., & Jenkin, M. (2017). Fake Australian Securities and Investments Commission emails target business owners with malware. CRN Australia. Retrieved 19 April 2017, from

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