GUIDE: 20 iPhone Tips over Easter

During the Easter break we’re sure there is going to be a lot of feasting, relaxing and plenty of downtime, so during that time why not get better acquainted with your iPhone?

    1. Charge your iPhone faster with a simple click
      Enabling flight mode will turn off various features (including mobile service) allowing your phone to replenish your battery much quicker.
    2. Reduce the time it takes to type out a web address
      Hold down the full stop button on the keyboard to bring up URL suffix shortcuts (ie., .com, edu etc..).
    3. Find out if your phone is a stalker for you
      Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services -> Frequent Locations to see what data your phone is collecting about you in the background.
    4. Is that picture that you hung up in the office crooked?
      Open the compass app and then swipe to the left to reveal a handy spirit level for all those little straightening jobs for the OCD person in your life.
    5. Lock in your point of focus when taking your daily snaps
      While using the camera Press and hold your focus point on the screen, till the “AF Locked” comes up, the focus point will remain even whilst moving your phone around.
    6. Change the way your phone wiggles (vibrates) for different people
      Jump into the contacts app, click edit and go to vibration option and select one of the predefined patterns or be bold, create your own.
    7. Teach Siri how to speak Australian English properly
      Siri sometimes has issues with pronunciation, though she can be corrected by simply saying “That’s not how you pronounce…”
    8. Quickly close multiple applications in a single swipe
      Surely you’ve closed single apps using the multi-task switcher, but if you use 3 fingers you can swipe up and close the 3 apps displayed.
    9. Automatically switch off your music using a predefined timer
      Open the Clock app, and swipe to the timer options and set the When Timer Ends option to Stop Playing to turn off the music as you doze off to sleep.
    10. Capture a photo without the need to unlock your iPhone
      You can use the volume buttons to capture that quick snap using your iPhone (hint: it may be possible to use a pair of compatible headphones to capture a snap using the inbuilt headset volume buttons).
    11. Avoid excess mobile charges, by limiting 4G data usage from specific applications
      Go to Settings -> Mobile Data and switch off the apps that you wish to demote to WIFI and not use 4G LTE.
    12. Increase your battery life
      Go to Settings -> General -> Spotlight Search to limit applications from checking and downloading information constantly in the background to assist with better battery life.
    13. Check the signal of your phone and where you are getting a better signal
      Open the phone app and type *3001#12345#* then hit dial, ignore the menu options and look at the numbers in the top left replacing your carrier signal in this case the lower the better. Click the home button to exit.
    14. Give your phone a shake to erase/undo what you typed
      Finished typing something and rather than holding the delete button want to start again? Shake the phone, and you’ll be presented with an “Undo” popup window to clear the text.
    15. Ever wondered exactly when that message was delivered?
      Open the messages application and swipe in from the right hand side to reveal time-stamps of when a message was actually sent from your phone.
    16. Let Siri get to know you on a personal level by introducing her to your family
      Ask Siri to call your Mum or Dad (Mother or Father) and she will ask you who your parents are, so when using Siri you can use a command like “Call Dad” (rather than the awkwardness of calling your Dad by his first name).
    17. Go back, Go back I want to go back to the previous place
      While using one of the many iPhone apps (Messages, Safari, Mail and others) swiping from Left to Right will allow you to go back to a previous section, menu or page.
    18. Arhhh, my phone has crashed and I just want to force a reset on my iWhatever device
      In order to perform a quick reset all you need to do on your i7 is hold both the volume and power button at the same time.
    19. Customise the haptic feedback on your iPhone 7
      Go to your settings -> General -> Home button and you can adjust a level of feedback that works for you.
    20. Change text message reply when dropping an incoming call
      Simply create your own standard responses by going to Settings -> Phone -> Respond with Text to make your own.

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This article is for information purposes only, Virtuosys Pty. Ltd. is not responsible for any damage, data loss or other issues that may arise from making changes using the steps above (1-20). Please note some of the tips may or may not work on your device, and may be dependent on geographic location.

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