“My business is too small, they won’t bother hacking us” – Famous Last Words

“It won’t happen to me”.
“I’m too small”.
“I don’t even have that much information”.

These are all common phrases that we hear daily. People not taking security seriously is a big issue in Australia. The “she’ll be right” mentality is something that we, unfortunately, can’t adopt when it comes to a company’s cyber posture.

Gone are the days of being able to slap on an antivirus you bought at Officeworks in 2008 and expect to get a great result. Just like technology and how we work have changed, so has the way hackers are trying to make money or disrupt businesses. Not only does a secured and managed technical environment need to be created, but how an organisation is trained and the incident response deployed needs to be updated.

We have also noticed that organisations focusing on e-commerce aren’t particularly worried about cybersecurity, saying they sell things and don’t hold much information. They need to understand that some attacks may not just steal data but take down the same system you use to sell products. This happened to snowboard brand Burton, who suffered an attack on the 14th of February that took their platform offline and prevented them from processing online orders for three (3) days. The thing to take away isn’t just what information could have been stolen, but also the loss of revenue suffered and the time taken away from people doing work is also a big problem.

We will only know exactly what went wrong once a report comes out of how this attack took place. It is something to think about in terms of who gets targeted and what the end game of a hacker is, to take you offline and to take money from your business.

If you have been using that “SHE’LL BE RIGHT” mentality in the past when it comes to cyber or still have that antivirus from 2008, give us a call, and we can guide you and your business into being secure for tomorrow.

Burton Snowboards’ Online Orders Disrupted After Cyberattack (darkreading.com)

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