My Cousin Vlad (DisDat Podcast) Sponsorship

Normally we sponsor our local sporting teams or technology-based startups and causes. This year we’ve decided to change it up a notch, and are supporting a local Sydney-based comedian My Cousin Vlad from the Dis Dat Podcast. If you’re a fellow European you’ll definitely be able to relate to Vlad’s material, he’s a comic genius that tells it how it is through humor so the content is suitable for pretty much everyone.

Sydney-based comedian My Cousin Vlad takes the microphone into the forest where the lone wolves roam, lick rivers and discuss modern society, catastropha trends, real estate, how to stay shredded and everything Audi.

He’s currently still touring and will be dropping into Perth on Saturday the 14th of May at the Astor Lounge, Mount Lawley, and is going to be continuing his tour throughout 2022.

Grab tickets from Ticketek My Cousin Vlad – People Have Lost It Tour tickets | Astor Lounge | Ticketek Australia or if you’re elsewhere check out his website for other shows.

Also, he’s really active on Instagram so have a look at his shorts, and follow the weekly Podcast you might actually learn something. 🙂

People Are Gonna Lose It!!!!
People Are Gonna Lose It!!!!

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