We’re on Microsoft 365, Yay! Now What?

While it’s a rewarding feeling implementing Microsoft 365 in the workplace and watching our clients improve their daily day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, there’s still a tendency for staff to attempt to do things using legacy methods.

The lack of embracing of the new technology usually comes down to insufficient training. While there is a wealth of modern workplace training, we still see a handful of users unsure where to start.

Based on our experience the best digital transformations happen when everyone is on board, from management to front-line workers. It’s especially important to get staff fired up from the beginning and continue the excitement until the finish line is crossed.

A few of our favourite Microsoft Resources that we recommend to all of our clients are:

  1. Microsoft 365 Help & Learning
  2. Microsoft Office Quick Start Guides

There are also a number of other training resources paid and non-paid (that may require more effort to get going). Though with the above options we have found users can hit the ground running.

In order to boost staff morale, give your team the tools to successfully do their job. Investing in training your staff is always a win/win/win for your business, team, and clients.

Have no idea where to start, or want some support with your Office 365? Send us a message via our contact form. Otherwise, feel free to give our office a call on 08 6355 5241 and press #1 to schedule a Microsoft Teams call with us today.

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